Afraid of Love

Yiannis, a pragmatic dreamer who grew up in an orphanage and wondered about his parentage, lives in Mytilini, Greece, a society to which he is unable to conform. He is disturbed not only by his past but troubled within himself. He is confused about the nature of truth, worries about aging, and is introspective.

Nature plays a big role in his personality. Bad weather brings to him particular memories. His deep emotions and psychological behavior are being explored. When in private, he unfolds his being and only then is he able to make sense of himself and the world around him. He isolates himself even more with his own self-fulfilling prophecy that love is painful. Is it worth it? A strong friendship binds him to Nickoletta. Yet many times he questions and analyzes himself and his feelings. Not wanting to face the truth due to his fears, he represses the voice of his heart. He is aftraid of love and afraid to be loved.



ISBN 1-4137-0925-7
Soft Cover 193 pages
This book may be purchased at these fine reatailers: PublishAmerica, Amazon, Borders Books, and Barnes and Noble

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