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Dec '11 New photos are in the Gallery
Sept '11 NEW Maria's latest book, "The Wildflower and the Honey Bee" now available
May '09 Maria's book released, "a Child, a Dream and a Sling Shot."
Jan '08 New photos are in the Gallery! Check them out!

Welcome to PoetMaria!

- PoetMaria is a place for you to check out the latest offerings of poet Maria Psanis. Maria's collection of poetry comes from many aspects of herself; including her professional psychotherapy and counseling career. We hope that you find the poetry to be an outlet that comforts and soothes you.

- Check out sample poems!

- Enjoy the photography - Maria's portrait and still-life images will move you.

- We hope you enjoy your experience here. If you have suggestions or requests, feel free to contact us.


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