a Child, a Dream and a Sling Shot


The City

The courts are filled with criminals,
narcotics, illnesses from passion.
Some buy the law, others go to jail.
A traitor, a pimp, a child without a daddy,
in uproar, with a knife in belt
a gun in shoe, victims from their families,
didnít know God.
The devil meddles their lives.
Their footsteps without conscious,
wild screams of anger spread on streets.
Assassinations, violence, innocent victims,
luminous dressed in blood.
Broad Street, Albany Avenue, Park Street, moan,
Hartford drowning from human glutted.
The mayor fearless embraced the city
to clean the terror from the eyes of innocence.
The 1964 Chevy, black like a hearse,
reaped the rain, the wind.
Five brave men were mourned by their mothers
before sunrise.
Heroin, cocaine, hashish, marijuana, enemies that steal
young lives, donate false and fast hopes.
Who was she who took God out of schools?
Now classrooms are filled with terror and malice.
Where did families go?
Right and wrong?
Our children giving birth to children,
evolution throw us in confusion.
The law without legs, without arms,
blind as it doesnít see,
gathered the wealth, keeps silence
searching to find a balance.
A man fearing God ran to church
for repentance, whispered prayers
puts money in the basket.
Comes night at a corner he paid the whore
so he can have sex with her twelve year old child.
If my voice is not politically correct
may the judge who freed the catholic priest
judge me.

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