a Child, a Dream and a Sling Shot


Traumatized Heroes

So many men, so many women haunted by flash-backs, anxiety, panic attacks. Suffering broken bones, lost limbs, brain injuries, bleeding hearts, numbing nightmares with alcohol and drugs.

They hear the machine guns devastated, like guinea pigs, helpless to fight or die. The military promises empty tomorrows VA emergency rooms are filled with wounded troops, mentally disturbed. Disheartening, feeling lost, suicidal thoughts overwhelmed.

The Department of Veterans Affairs close their eyes, turn their backs, they donít know how to repair the wounded and impaired. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan scattered the world in a puzzle. The president, prominent politicians, have no clue, just passing laws. Facilities choked in bureaucracy, traumatized Heroes without hope agonized for surviving the war, pain medicine canít heal their injured souls.

Suicide bombings created thousands of casualties innocent children, women and men lost their lives without having a choice. Their families, their homes ashes blown up in the air.

The cost? Letís not tell Letís hide everything under the rug Who wants to face all that is done?

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