Searching for You



What kind of tune should I sing
for my sweet voice to be heard?
A nymph slips from my heart.
I send you from my palms
flowers, dreams.
I sing in darkness.
Tearful becomes the moon.
Stars, lost violins.
The Milky Way in my eyes
saw the plaintive rhythm within my bosom.
I don't allow you to hear me.
I can't endure your mocking laughter.
With what words should I sing?
How can I demolish my soul's tears?
A rageful ocean, my body's passion,

seeks your love.
This silence brings me
Your voice, your touch --
The pain I turn into a song.
A verse my hopes become.
My dreams keep vigil.
My existence becomes a bat.
I don't allow you to hear me.
I couldn't endure your fire.
What kind of tune should I sing?
How can I touch your heart?
A cloud is coming: rain, a storm.
You place inside of me belief and faith.
Can you hear the new song I sing?
Tirelessly I sing the love I feel.


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