The Client/Therapist Relationship

As your therapist, I cannot be your friend. Because I am required to keep the identity of my clients secret, I may ignore you if we meet in a public place. Please do not invite me to family gatherings or anywhere else. I cannot give you legal, medical, financial or other types of professional advice. To most benefit you, our relationship exists only within the confines of our therapy sessions together.


If Things Don't Go As Expected

For many reasons, some client/therapist relationships do not work. If we've met for some time and either one of us feels the therapy is not going as well as we'd like, I might suggest you see another therapist or another professional in addition to me. I will not continue to work with you if my involvement does not seem to bring constructive change.



Please bring payment to each session. If I make an exception and agree to bill you, please pay within 15 days of receiving my bill. I do not accept insurance. I re-evaluate my fee schedule yearly, so my fees may change.

If you have trouble paying bills on time, please discuss your situation with me. If your unpaid balance becomes too high, I will notify you once by mail. If it remains unpaid, I must stop therapy. Such situations may be referred to a collection agency.

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