What I Will Do

The first time we meet, I will ask you what you want to accomplish through therapy. Together we will work toward your goal. I will offer you choices and help you choose the course that's best for you. I will help you learn how to solve problems and make better decisions.


What I Ask You To Do

You need to attend all our sessions. You need to come to each session willing to talk, share and be open. You need to honestly listen to and react to me, as I will honestly listen and react to you.


Your Appointments

The first time we meet, we will need to exchange a lot of basic information. That appointment will be an hour and a half. Then, we will usually meet for one-hour sessions once or twice a week. We will schedule our sessions at mutually convenient times. I will let you know of any vacations or other times I cannot meet at least a month in advance. Please do the same for me.

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